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Member's Muffler

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Silk and pashmina muffler for ladies or for gentlemen to wear with a dinner jacket. Reserved for Full Members. Made in Nepal.
The pashmina wool is derived from the upper regions of Western Tibet and is considered the finest in the world. The wool is taken from the mountain goat "Capra Hircus" and is traditionally known as "Changra".  Capra Hircus is a protected species.  The wool is shaven from the underside of the animal's neck and torso, without harming the animal in any way.  Each Changra produces 3-8 oz of this fine fiber a year, making Pashmina both luxurious and scarce.  This rarity and softness has made Pashmina "The Diamond of Fibres".  The Pashminas are woven on handlooms, with both Nepalese men and women perfecting the craft.  There is then careful time spent twisting and knotting the end into fine fringes.  It takes one person an entire day to knot the end on one of the large shawls!
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